Original Kailh BOX Silent Pink Linear Mechanical Switches Replacement for HBFS Pushbutton Arcade Mechanical Keyboard

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10pcs Original Kailh BOX Silent Pink Linear Silent Brown Tactile Mechanical Switches Replacement for HBFS Pushbutton Arcade Mechanical Pushbutton Silent Mechanic Mechanical Keyboard

These Kailh BOX Silent Pink linear mechanical keyboard switches are the perfect choice for a quiet gaming keyboard or any situation where you want to type with minimal noise. They are an extremely stable, non-wobbly switch, similar to classic Box Pinks, but without the clickiness. This is a smooth linear switch with silencing on the bottom-out (down press).

Their 3 pin design ensures easy plate mounting on any hot-swap or custom keyboard, no pin clipping required! While Kailh's well respected reliability ensures you'll enjoy these switches for years to come!

Premium Crafting:

Kailh came onto the scene as a better-built Cherry and has evolved into a very well-respected switch company. The quality is superb, and Kailh is unafraid to experiment and collaborate.

Kailh switches undergo minor tweaks over the years (called tooling changes) that really add up. Because of the consistent retooling of their product lines, SwitchCaptain is careful to ensure we're only selling the most recent version of any Kailh switches, directly from Kailh (Kaihua).


Some of best tolerances out there (very little wobble, very consistent quality)

Silent Sleeper hits (Our Kailh Silent Brown and Pink are two of our fastest selling switches)

Durable (some of the highest endurance ratings)

Strong pins, do not bend as easy

Kailh BOX Silent Pink Switch:

Kailh BOX Silent Brown Switch:

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10pcs Original Kailh BOX Silent Switches

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