DC 24V coin motor coin hopper coin change coin dispenser for arcade slot machine coin change vending machine amusement machine

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6 holes 220V 24V coin motor coin hopper coin dispensor coin dispensing machine with motor US Plug for arcade slot machine coin change vending machine


New and innovative through hole hopper.
Compatible with other popular hopper devices,
Perfect for many applications including Amusement, Vending, Gaming, Parking and Change machines.
Constructed of extremely durable, wear-resistant plastic along with state-of-the-art electronics.
Features high speed operation and expandable hopper capacity.
Standard parallel interface and 3-pin connector.
Coin size range 22.00- 26.50 mm.
Thickness 1.50- 3.00 mm .
Supplied with quick-fit release plate.
Payout speed of up to 6 coins per second.
Reliable through hole coin disk design.
Clean design - no external wires run for level sensors.
Integrated fall tube for simple dual hopper cabinet construction.
Supplied complete with mounting bracket. 24V/220v power supply available.
Continuous opto-sensor check.
Low level sensor and anti-jam feature


Standard 1000 coins(Φ 25mm) capacity
Quick pay out speed: 400 coins per minute.
Coins per second: 7 Coin
Size Range: 22.00mm - 26.50mm
Coin Thickness Range: 1.50mm - 3.00mm
Min. time between coins: 100mS
Min. time obstructs optics: 30mS Payout position: 4 sides
Payout signal: Open collector-active low 25mA-35V

Size: mm

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One pcs slot machine coin hoppe for coin charger machine vending machine

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