Arcade 24mm Mechanical Clear Button Clear Punk Workshop Button Customs Kailh Box Silent Switches Cherry MX Switches Built

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Arcade Replacement Punk Workshop 24mm Mechanical Clear Button Mechanical Clear PushButton Built Kailh BOX Pink Silent Switches or Cherry MX Switches for Cabinet MAME Machines

They work nice for fighters if you wan’t a pseudo-american button feel. They are relatively light (close to sanwa in feel) and have a soft bump above the actuation point, which makes things somewhat tricky as you may think you have activated the button upon the tactile feel, but you actually have to travel a tad farther from the bump to actuate the switch.


All New Unique Plug Design

Pushbutton, Snap-In with buckle

Fit in 30mm hole

Smooth surface reduces finger resistance.

Suitable for panel thickness:2.4mm

Designed For Professional Fight Gamers

Noise-Reducing Design

Life (at 5 V, 1mA, no load): 50 million cycle

Great thing is, you can customize your switches now

Use which type of switches, it is up to you now

Choose as you wish

Linear: Smooth and consistent keystroke with a quiet noise.
Tactile: A small bump on each keystroke with a moderate noise.
Clicky: A small bump on each keystroke with a loud click noise

Size: mm


This Listing Include:

OCPK-24 Mechanical Clear White PushButtons

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