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6pcs/lot Original Gamerfinger HBFS-30-SCREW 30mm Screw Mechanical Buttons with Cherry MX Switches Kailh Switchesfor Arcade Hitbox Fightbox FreeShipping

6pcs/lot Original Gamerfinger HBFS-30-SCREW 30mm Screw Mechanical Buttons with Cherry MX Switches Kailh Switchesfor Arcade Hitbox Fightbox FreeShipping

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6pcs/lot Original Gamerfinger HBFS-30-SCREW 30mm Screw Mechanical Buttons with Cherry MX Switches Cherry MX RGB Switches Kailh BOX Silent Pink Switches TTC Speed Silver Switches Razer Green Switches for Arcade Hitbox Fightbox

*HBFS-30 will come with Speed Silver switches as default, please leave us a note of other switches if you need.*

*Stock is not stable, may out of stock soon. We will contact from email before shipping.*

We build the all new button HBFS-30, and to achieve more than five kinds of original ideas to help your technology to a new level. More sensitive response. A longer life. Quieter input. Better understanding of your habits, and new original shape.

Harder, Better, Faster, Silent

What are your expectations of a Arcade button? ​ ​Longer life? Quieter beat? More kinds of touching force? A new shape? ​ ​We know what is Gamers want. And we made it. Because it is also our desire to.

Swappable Mechanical Switches

HBFS-30 use Cherry MX mechanical Keyswitch.Designed for professional gamers. Unprecedented pleasure by only 45g operations force. Now, the button to keep up with the reaction of your brain. ​ ​

And we can offer more switches for you: ​

* Cherry MX Series Switches ​

*Cherry MX Slient Series Switches ​

*Chery MX RGB Series Switches ​

*Cherry MX RGB Slient Series Switches ​

 ​* Razer Green Switches ​

​HBFS-30 gives you the freedom to create a personalized microswitch layout.

With Cherry MX Series Switches

With Chery MX RGB Series Switches

With Razer Green Switches


*All the above switched can be choosed. Please leave us a note of the switches you need. Or we will ship out buttons with Cherry MX speed silver switches.Thanks!*


10 times the life of the current RG buttons. You can be fierce to operate your weapon, so comfortably and irresponsibly. Become the master of Lightning Kick!!


The new internal parts design, eradicate the noise when beat the button.The high specification vibration damping materials, Reduce the noise up to 20 db effectively. Such as the ninja defeat the enemy in silent!! No longer make your family fury!

Diverse Press Force Feeling

According to your habits to change the micro switch at any time. Different characters, different game, different strategies, with various characteristics of the different micro switch. Enjoy favorable of the Battle.

The HBFS-30 perfectly suited for 2.8mm terminals

HBFS-30 has further enhanced the ease of installation. We have streamlined the steps of button install. The all new structure design, get rid of adapter plugs. Plug terminals and button into one. It is compatible with existing female terminal. You do not have to change your wiring system. Replace HBFS-30 just like replace OBSF-30.


  • HBFS-30-G3 SCREW
  • Fit in 30mm hole.
  • Screw Button, Fix with Nut
  • All New Unique Plug Design.
  • Smooth surface reduces finger resistance.
  • Designed For Professional Fight Gamers
  • Noise-Reducing Design
  • Life (at 5 V, 1mA, no load): 50 million cycle
  • Suited For 2.8mm Terminals

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